Heidegger's Being and Time and the Possibility of Political by Mark Blitz

By Mark Blitz

From the intro:
This publication explores the results for political philosophy of
Heidegger’s Being and Time. My strategy is to summarize and
explicate Heidegger’s analyses after which to touch upon them.
The explications differ in size, based upon the volume of
detail had to make clear Heidegger’s argument or to illustrate
problems and concerns raised in Heidegger’s textual content or in my discussion.
My objective is to aid the reader comprehend Heidegger’s
analysis of Being and man’s Being commonly and the that means of
his dialogue for ethical and political philosophy particularly. I
will try and make clear what seems to be imprecise, yet i'll not
attempt effortless readability on the rate of accuracy. furthermore, I will
attempt all through to maintain the problems and uncertainties of
Heidegger’s company in complete view. for that reason, my remarks
will occasionally elevate questions that i don't solution definitively.

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Indeed, the primitive has both a specific everydayness o f its own and possibilities o f Being that are not o f the everyday variety. Heidegger’s analysis o f everydayness is intended to reveal the “existentials,” the structures o f existence. We must distinguish existentials from categories, which are the structures o f things: indeed, categories and existentials are the two basic possibilities or modes o f Being. The reason that existential analysis must be differentiated from anthropology, psychology, or biology, and the reason that Heidegger claims distinction from analyses such as Scheler’s or Dilthey’s centering on “life” or the “person,” is precisely that all these approaches fail to clarify the distinctive Being o f man.

50 PO LITICAL POSSIBILITIES that are used, a tool such as a hammer, or a quarry o f rock: they are equipment. But, as equipment, they belong to a whole o f equipment, for any tool is discovered as a tool only within an entire structure in which things are in order to do this or that, in which they are assigned to other things, in which they are discov­ ered as serviceable, usable, or m anipulate for others. Our everyday discovery o f equipment is not theoretical, nor is it an explicit grasping o f things as equipment.

Indeed, it is unclear that there can be “Being” without man. Heidegger does admit, however, that once we discover certain present-at-hand entities, we can then see that they have existed always. It therefore seems that they must in some way be the cause of the entities that become readyto-hand. But perhaps they cause these entities without in any way causing their Being? Yet, if Being is not identical to causal- 54 P O L IT IC A L POSSIBILITIES ity, how are we to understand the apparently evident connec­ tions between, say, the suitability o f beef for man and beefs chemical structure, or the discovery o f uranium and the con­ sequent discovery o f its suitability?

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