Great Power Competition for Overseas Bases. The Geopolitics by Robert E. Harkavy

By Robert E. Harkavy

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Weinland, "Why Coaling Stations are Necessary in the Nuclear A g e , " International Security 2 (1977): 88-99. S. Senate, 91st Congress, v o l . 2, p. 2378. Some have no special restrictions, whereas some require diplomatic clearance, others diplomatic clearance only for aircraft carrying arms or munitions. " Dadant considers not only an increasing trend toward restrictiveness for specific, ad hoc political reasons, but also the anticipated impact of trends toward closure embodied in 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs), and the dilemma of important straits overlapped by 12-nautical-mile territorial seas.

Mahoney, "Soviet Civil Fleets and the Third World," in Dismukes and McConnell, Soviet Naval Diplomacy, appendix; and "Soviet Sea Power: The Covert Support Fleet," Canflict Studies, no. 84 (June 1977). (27) See Davidchik and Mahoney, "Soviet Civil Fleets," pp. 330-355; and Betsy Gidwitz, "Aspects of Soviet International Civil Aviation Policy," Survey, no. 2, 107 (Spring 1979). " (28) See Navy and Old Army Branch, National Archives, Record Group 165 (Records of the War Department, General and Special Staffs), Military Intelligence Division (MID), File N o .

A i r F o r c e , for instance, deploys numerous small navigational facilities throughout the world, such as Loran-A, Loran-C, Tacan, and H F / D F , which appear to overlap with some civilian functions. S. aircraft based in Thailand to Vietnamese targets. (44) Then t o o , the Voice of America ( V O A ) deploys numerous broadcasting stations throughout the world as part of its global effort of the dissemination of news and/or propaganda. In all of these areas, the Soviets possess, or have been developing, competing technologies and, hence, have added requirements for overseas access, either on land or for ships performing surrogate functions at sea.

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