Glencoe Language Arts Grammar and Language Workbook Grade 11 by McGraw-Hill

By McGraw-Hill

The Grammar and Language Workbook bargains sequential language guide besides huge drill and perform in grammar, utilization, and mechanics. this crucial instrument incorporates a instruction manual in addition to vocabulary, spelling, and composition lessons..

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Troubleshooter mod A dangling modifier does not modify any word in the sentence. SOLUTION Branches swaying in the breeze, the tree provided us with shade. Trying out the new exercise equipment, Mary said the new gym is a great improvement over the old one. Add a noun to which the dangling phrase clearly refers. You might have to add or change other words, as well. More help with misplaced or dangling modifiers is available in Lesson 66. Copyright © by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Need More Help? Troubleshooter 39 Misplaced or Missing Possessive Apostrophes Singular nouns Charles car is the white one, but Jamals is the red convertible.

SOLUTION Akira waits for the bus and works on the computer. Jenny hit the home run and ran around the bases. Use the same tense for both verbs. PROBLEM 2 Tenses do not indicate that one event precedes or succeeds another shift t By the time the movie finally started, we waited impatiently Copyright © by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill through ten minutes of commercials. If events being described occurred at different times, shift tenses to show that one event precedes or follows another. SOLUTION By the time the movie finally started, we had waited impatiently through ten minutes of commercials.

S P 14. Geraldo insisted on playing devil’s advocate whenever discussions arose. S P poss. S 15. Running around the house, the children could not find their father’s hat. P S S poss. S S 16. Having scored twenty-three points in the game, Dowana received the lion’s share of praise S on the nightly broadcast. poss. S P 17. Beethoven’s fifth symphony is one of his most popular works. poss. S S P 18. Paul’s personal library is becoming so large there is no place to add any more shelves. A concrete noun names an object that occupies space or can be recognized by any of the senses.

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