Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Sunflower (Genetics, by Jinguo Hu, Gerald Seiler, C. Kole

By Jinguo Hu, Gerald Seiler, C. Kole

The sunflower has involved mankind for hundreds of years. The oilseed sunflower contributes approximately ten percentage of the world’s plant-derived fit for human consumption oil and the confection variety sunflower holds a substantial proportion of the without delay ate up snacks industry. furthermore, sunflower can be grown as a decorative for reduce vegetation, in addition to in domestic gardens. we're now embarking at the age of genomics as a way to expedite the method of genetic development of vegetation. there was an explosion of data on genetic markers, DNA sequences, and genomic assets for many significant nutrition plants together with sunflower. This quantity is meant to bridge conventional study with smooth molecular investigations on sunflower.

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2007). It is currently unknown which polyploid species are autopolyploids and which are allopolyploids. The hexaploid H. resinosus is currently being investigated using molecular cytogenetics and markers in order to elucidate species origin through polyploidy (Carrera et al. 2004). 6 Aneuploidy Aneuploids can be the result of interspecific hybridization. Leclercq et al. (1970) obtained trisomic plants (2n+1) in backcross progeny of H. tuberosus x H. annuus hybrids. ) Berl and deToni] and they postulated that the extra chromosome came from the H.

Kruglik A-41” and “Zhdanovsky 8281” were among the more popular cultivars grown. Kruglik A-41, introduced in 1927, was among the first cultivars with significantly higher oil percentage, confirming that sunflower could in fact be improved for this trait. S. Pustovoit. Achene oil percentages among Soviet cultivars increased from less than 300 g/kg in the early 1900s to over 400 g/ kg during the 1930s and to over 500 g/kg by the early 1960s. 2 million hectares of production in 1966. Peredovik, which was introduced in 1960, also was grown extensively in the USA, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world prior to the introduction of hybrids.

Decapetalus L. H. divaricatus L. H. eggertii Small H. giganteus L. H. grosseserratus Martens H. hirsutus Raf. H. maximiliani Schrader H. mollis Lam. H. nuttallii ssp. &G. H. nuttallii ssp. ) Long H. resinosus Small H. salicifolius Dietr. H. &G. H. strumosus L. H. tuberosus L. Atrorubens Microcephali Atrorubens Atrorubentes Atrorubens Angustifolii H. H. H. H. H. H. &G. &G. smithii Heiser atrorubens L. occidentalis ssp. occidentalis Riddell H. occidentalis ssp. ) Heiser H. pauciflorus ssp. pauciflorus H.

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