Freud and Modern Society: An outline and analysis of Freud’s by Bocock

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by Ronald Fletcher To dedicate a quantity to Freud in a sequence on 'The Making of Sociology' might sound, to a few readers, very unusual. Freud, they could argue, was once not just (and very explicitly) a psychologist, but in addition (and both explicitly) a scientific psychologist, whose so much speedy preoccupation was once that of attempting to treatment the psychological health problems of his sufferers. moreover, he used to be a psychologist who insisted on touching on his theories as heavily as attainable to organic and physiological evidence. All this, in fact, is right. yet to undertake this view as one that relatively marks Freud off from sociology is a uncomplicated mistake, and one that indicates how unfortunately matters that have been as soon as obvious as being basically interrelated were compelled into fake separation through the present style of'specialization'-necessary and proper while it's soundly conceived, yet intellectually disastrous whilst it's not. it's invaluable to keep in mind that every one the most important thinkers who contributed to the making of sociology-from Comte and Spencer to Ward, Giddings, Tonnies, Durkheim, Hobhouse, Weber, Simmel, Pareto (this can be a very lengthy checklist I)-were, in truth, confident concerning the shut relationships among biology, psychology and sociology. an analogous is right of the entire significant anthropologists. the easy fact is that each one those males have been seriously and creatively partaking within the revolution which used to be occurring in man's method of his wisdom of nature, and of his personal nature and position inside of it.

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See J. S. Brown, 'A Comparative Study of Deviations from Sexual Mores', American Sociological Review, 17: I 38, 1952. Table reproduced by A. K. J. 1966, p. 13· Reich, The Sexual Revolution, p. 6. , pp. 10 and 81. One of the titles in the Fontana Modern Masters series is Charles Rycroft, Reich, London, 1971. This is not very adequate on the sociological elements in Reich's thought, as Rycroft does not understand Reich's serious attempt to link Marxism and psychoanalysis into one framework. See also P.

Berger and T. Luckmann, The Social Construction if Reality, New York, 1966 (Penguin University Books edition, 1971). Available in S. Freud, Character in Culture, edited by Phillip Reiff, New York, 1963, Chapter XXIII. C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination, New York, 1959. 2 Sociology and Psychological Perspectives 'For sociology too, dealing as it does with the behaviour of people in society, cannot be anything but applied psychology. '-Sigmund Freud, New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis (1933), Lecture 35.

Children are usually stopped by parents from playing with their faeces, and they become interested instead in mud pies, or in building sandcastles or playing with clay and plasticine. Adults may have as one of their sexual aims, or as an exclusive one, the act of anal intercourse. Males can take either an active or passive part in this activity, and can be the active partner with a variety of objects, male or female. Repression of these impulses may produce symptoms in the bowel region. 7 In Western society, adults may play with money as an acceptable substitute for the unconscious desire to play with Infant Sexuality 41 faeces.

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