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The names of the different characters are written in bold letters like this. Here is a small part from a play. (The room is cold and spooky. ) Joe I didn’t know Grandad’s house was so old. All the furniture needs a good clean. Dad The house has been in the family for hundreds of years. (The door creaks. ) Joe I wouldn’t want to live here! I think it is haunted Dad. Dad Well now you come to mention it... when I was young... (A loud noise bangs above them. ) 1. What is the room like? ____________________________________________ 2.

In the blank spaces below put a word with the opposite meaning to the word in bold in the story above. Prince Poppletof lived in a great castle. He was very _________ to everyone he met and _________ liked him. The Prince _________ tried to help other people. Making other people _________ made the Prince _________ too. When he _________ all the people around him wanted to _________ too. See how changing just a few of the words changes the Prince! com © 2004 Keynotes Education Crossgate Cornwall PL15 9SX This sheet may be printed from a personal computer and/or photocopied for educational use within the purchasing establishment Reading Comprehension 17 Name: FICTION • CHARACTERS All stories have different characters.

Read the sentences below to work out what is being described. Draw the answer. I can be on or off. I help you to see in the dark. I can be carried. I come in many sizes. I need batteries to work. I am a ________________ . I have four legs and a tail. I have whiskers. I like fish to eat. I come in different colours. I am a ________________ . I am cold. I light up when you open me. I keep food fresh. I can be found in the kitchen. I am a ________________ . I have hands but can’t feel. I have an eye but can’t see.

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