Felix Guattari: Thought, Friendship, and Visionary by Franco Beradi ''Bifo''

By Franco Beradi ''Bifo''

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Parts remain what they are, and nobody cares what your spirit is made of. What is important is that you can interface your surface with the surface of another entity, of another part. Globalization means functional integration of parts that maintain their independent partiality and nevertheless function together, thanks to interfaces that do not change their interiority, but connect by recombining together. In globalization, we participate in the connections between discreet and recombined elements, while in Hegelian totalization, we observe the work of negation accomplished by a continuous ensemble from which a new ensemble continuously emerges.

The end of this authoritarian model freed up enormous productive and market potentialities, ushering in an extended phase of instability, Integrated World Capitalism 19 violent transformation, and the fear of aggression and violence. At the same time, we know well today that the end of social-authoritarian regimes did not mean in any way the start of the reign of democracy, as the Reagan apologists had proclaimed. Democracy did not enter in any way into the end of social-authoritarian regimes which, in the 1990s, acquired characteristics of Nazi-Communistic regimes.

Humanity no longer had any reason for remaining together. This was the feeling, the premonition. Nevertheless, the politicians, journalists, intellectuals of the time all hastened to declare that, with proletarian and autonomist extremism finally defeated, with the workers’ political strength finally eliminated, with utopia finally stamped out, an era of unlimited enrichment could begin. Officially the 1980s were the years of development and freedom. It matters little that competition was exalted as the noblest feeling, and so violence of one against all others was thereby sanctified; it matters little that profit became the ruling point in culture and in communication.

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