Everything Forever: Learning To See Timelessness by Gevin Giorbran

By Gevin Giorbran

In every little thing perpetually Giorbran unearths timelessness in methods formerly unimagined. He provides the 1st specified map of our transitory time passing via a undying realm, a realm that each one the good physicists of the prior century, resembling Einstein, noted and strove to appreciate. Giorbran builds a impressive imaginative and prescient by means of extending the information of David Bohm and Stephen Hawking, making a visible version of the distance of all attainable states (soaps). progressively this snapshot of all chances transforms right into a God's eye point of view of the many-worlds expected through quantum idea. The foundational thought, Giorbran's model of the 2 forms of order initially proposed via Bohm, is amazing leading edge technological know-how that basically establishes a welcome redefinition of the formerly bleak moment legislation of thermodynamics. finally this daring and interesting research of cosmic constitution sensibly finds that we exist trapped among nice powers, one in our previous, the opposite in our destiny, and our advanced global effects as each one strength attempts to create its personal type of order within the universe. a thrilling trip with a shock finishing written for the "what is true-reality?" seeker in us all.

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How do we make a word refer to something that doesn’t exist? What word can represent a form that isn't a form; a thing that isn't a thing? What language can define a concept that has no reality or meaning? Of course we cannot solve the great old riddle of how something came from nonexistence. It’s the ultimate oxymoron, and the ultimate contradiction in LEARNING TO SEE TIMELESSNESS | 15 terms. We cannot even refer to a state of nonexistence when there is no such state, and no such form, to refer to.

However, although it is true that we cannot make atoms of matter stand completely still at this stage in the history of the cosmos, this does not mean the cosmos cannot cool to ZAT in the distant future. One of the more interesting facts about a universal zero is that the only way that any of the physical parameters of the cosmos such as temperature or gravity can reach absolute zero is if all the parameters of space-time reach zero simultaneously. This fact is precisely what makes absolute zero both a cosmic absolute and the ultimate Omega State, Omega being the last letter in the Greek alphabet which means “the end”.

Once we have created disorder, we then of course try to skillfully control and re-organize the arrangement by knocking the balls into the pockets. What we never witness when playing pool is a case where after we strike the carefully racked group of balls with the cue ball, they bounce off the sides of the table and rebound back together into a carefully ordered pattern. They never group back together again, they never line up in perfect rows, even though we might imagine it as one of the possibilities of what could happen after a break.

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