Ethics in the Alcohol Industry by Simon J. Robinson, Alexandra J. Kenyon (auth.)

By Simon J. Robinson, Alexandra J. Kenyon (auth.)

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There are many reasons for this. One could have been nervousness about over-regulation, making the industry unwieldy. There was also the possibility of having to stop breweries making beer, with fuel shortages on the horizon and more needy organizations, such as hospitals and schools, requiring the fuel (Greenaway 2003). The full reasons for the wholesale purchase could be debated for years to come. However, the state did eventually purchase the licensed liquor industry in Carlisle, then Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow and so on.

Clearly, standard drinks are not standard throughout the world. Within Europe, the same pattern occurs. The amount of ethanol the English woman is given when ordering an alcoholic drink in Poland, Spain, France, Portugal and so on would be greater than that which she is given in England. 0 Source: International Center for Alcohol Policies 2007. 3 shows. Equally interesting is the term ‘standard drink’. In the UK, a measure of vodka may be 25 ml, which equates to approximately one unit. 5 per cent ABV.

Government also hoped that reduced taxes on beer, new pubs with consumerist landlords and a range of drinks available ‘under one roof’ would encourage the consumer to move from gin houses to ale houses. Unfortunately, ‘free traders’ could set up their own brewery and beer shop in their own home, leading to very poor quality drinks and outrageous promotions; no better than the gin houses offering ‘free straw’. Increased supply of beer led to competitive price wars, which led to a rapid increase in beer consumption, subsequently leading to outbreaks of drunk and disorderly behaviour – again, showing no difference from the ‘special offers’ promoted in gin houses.

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