English Consonant Clusters by P. Sanderson and P. Sanderson (Auth.)

By P. Sanderson and P. Sanderson (Auth.)

With the aid of very accomplished lists of consonant clusters, a phonetic alphabet and sections on Vowels, Dipthongs and the Glottal cease and plenty of different consonant difficulties, the significance of those phonetic points is emphasised

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Key letter /r/ (second, br pr dr tr vr fr gr kr zr sr 3r Jr <*3r tjr Ör Or hr lr mr nr *F rr wr r J bright pretty drive try every (fast) fry grow, agree cry his ring this ring garage room rush round dodge round each room with rollers through, both rings (nil) all ready (not in " already ") I a m right one * right looking round (nil) (nil) (nil) br fcons. P d t V f g k z s As above, these are not possible except in USA where -ers, -ors, 3 I -ours, etc. make d3 semi-vowel jr*/ followed by /z/. tj Ö This semi-vowel Θ may be seen written h 1 phonetically as m /er 3r a/.

Classical or grammatical prefixes and suffixes, English structural particles and concords are treated alike here. After that comes for each consonant a short list of common structural words in which it appears. These by their frequency will cause clusters to appear which should be mastered early. Then come short clusters in common vocabulary words, and longer clusters in longer words or phrases. An asterisk indicates a semi-vowel. Key letter /b/ (voiced) Prefixes and beginnings: ab ob sub /bl br bj/.

The most important thing in teaching is the conveyance of meaning, and the practical use of language, by learning to respect the language and follow its ways. Thus we add a new dimension of mind to men already able to think in another language. CHAPTER V INDIVIDUAL CONSONANT STUDIES THE consonant phonemes will first be studied separately. Each will be listed with its uses in prefixes and other beginnings to words ; then its use in endings. Classical or grammatical prefixes and suffixes, English structural particles and concords are treated alike here.

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