Endocrinology of the Vasculature by John P. Cooke MD, Philip S. Tsao PhD (auth.), James R.

By John P. Cooke MD, Philip S. Tsao PhD (auth.), James R. Sowers MD (eds.)

Key employees in vascular medication and biology practice state of the art strategies in telephone and molecular biology to review the endothelial and vascular soft muscle cells. the celebrated scientists and clinicians open a brand new quarter of endocrinology, which sees the vasculature and kidney as endocrine organs and sheds new mild at the hormonal rules of the cardiovascular approach. in addition they upload considerably to our present figuring out of the autocrine, paracrine, and endocrine rules of vascular functionality in well-being and in these vascular sickness states that accompany diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and high blood pressure. Endocrinology of the Vasculature is the 1st publication to comprehensively and systematically discover the vasculature as an endocrine organ.

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BK acts on endothelial cells through B-2 receptors (10), for which icatibant (HOE 140) is an effective selective antagonist (10-13). B-2 receptors have been cloned and belong to the family of seven transmembrane domain G-protein coupled receptors (14,15). Since BK is rapidly degraded in the circulation (16-18), most BK probably originates locally in the vascular bed in which it acts. One source ofBK acting on endothelial cells is the endothelial cells themselves, and it has been has shown that kininogen binds to the surface of endothelial cells (19).

Evidence that this is a nonselective cation current is that La3+ blocks it, N a+-free medium attenuates it, and high Ca2+-medium potentiates it. CHLORIDE CURRENTS Large, voltage-sensitive endothelial Cl- channels have been described by several groups. With inside-out patches or perforated patch outside-out vesicles of pig aortic ECs, Cl- channels activate spontaneously with unitary conductance of 385 pS (104). Similar CI- channels have been observed in BAECs with a conductance of 360 pS in symmetric Cl- solutions (105).

Sharma NR, Davis MJ. Substance P-induced calcium entry in endothelial cells is secondary to depletion of intracellular stores. Am J PhysioI1995;268:H962-H973. 83. Song J, Zawieja DC, Granger HI, Goodman A, Davis MJ. Multiple ionic mechanisms activated by bradykinin in coronary venular endothelial cells. Endothelium 1996;4:29-40. 84. Mehrke G, Daut J. The electrical response of cultured guinea-pig coronary endothelial cells to endothelium-dependent vasodilators. J Physiol Lond 1990;430:251-272. 85.

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