Digital Libraries in Computer Science: The MeDoc Approach by Andreas Barth, Michael Breu, Albert Endres, Arnoud de Kemp

By Andreas Barth, Michael Breu, Albert Endres, Arnoud de Kemp

This ebook coherently records the consequences and studies of a huge electronic library pilot attempt, the MeDoc venture (Multimedia digital Documents). This two-year undertaking used to be initiated via the German Informatics Society (GI) and concerned authors, publishers, librarians, and computing device technological know-how departments. The prototype allotted electronic library procedure constructed through the initiative was once operated in a national trial for a number of months. The publication provides the technical and operational effects accomplished in the course of the venture in addition to enter from overseas electronic library actions. in addition to execs energetic within the sector of electronic library learn and layout, this e-book addresses librarians and others engaged in medical publishing.

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If no value is given, that of the element's direct parent is inherited. ) The value of this element identifies a special purpose element which documents the language in use, optionally associating it with an external entity in which a formal writing system declaration may be given. The lEI writing system declaration (WSD) attempts to help encoders come to terms with a world in which, for one reason or another, documents may not always use the same universal character set, whether from ignorance, perversity, or the sheer impossibility of finding one large enough to represent all the glyphs they contain.

Front>. . and . 1 Text body and text divisions While different text types exhibit a bewildering variety of names for their component parts (chapters. sections. subsections. acts. scenes. entries. parts. books. cantos. adventures. staves. fittes. etc. - to mention only English-language terms). nevertheless the components and subcomponents of text typically behave in the same way whatever their name: typically each such is incomplete in itself. and typically smaller ones nest within larger ones.

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