Design of floors on ground by J.W.E. Chander

By J.W.E. Chander

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The three C braces should be evenly spaced over the vertical strips A. To locate them, put all A parts together and hold them with some clamps. Mark where the C braces should be fixed. Saw all A parts at the same time to create dados for the braces, this is most easily done with a circular saw set at the correct depth. Chisel out the waste after you saw. 2. Screw and glue on the bottom brace B1 and the top brace B2. Make sure that all A parts are evenly distributed along B. Drill pilot holes in B to attach the A parts, then screw the parts together, two screws in each vertical strip.

7. Sand and apply wood putty over all screw heads. 8. Coat all knots with shellac. When the shellac has dried, prime and lightly sand the bench. 9. Finish off with two coats of paint. 235/8" C D B B 113/4" D E A 153/4" E 90° B Radius 21/2" Radius 13/8" E 111/8" 25/16" 33/4" 6 5/16" 113/4" Why not put the bench inside? indd 52 10/30/13 11:23 AM Deck with Privacy Fence Imagine stepping out barefoot on a wood deck warmed by the sun. When we designed and built this deck, the owner wanted it to be large to surround the house and be protected from prying eyes by privacy fencing, and yet feel open and welcoming.

Note Here’s what you do: 1. Measure up the profile on your wall and adjust measurements accordingly. 2. When you have sawed the half-laps in A (point 1), screw A1 on A. 3. C is screwed on with one screw from above through A1. indd 38 10/30/13 11:20 AM Tray with Handles A tray for summer coffee or small pots with seedlings. It is lovely, so I think we will have to make several of them since it is often used as a beautiful still life. This tray also makes a nice gift for friends – loaded with cheese, crackers, fig jam and a bottle of wine.

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