Convergence of Birds by Jonathan Safran Foer

By Jonathan Safran Foer

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He talked about salamanders and prairie dogs the same way he talked about wolverines and buffalo. So some guys started to identify with these animals, like garter snakes or wood rats, and not with wolves. That didn’t make any difference to us now. The second thing was that another layer of personality began to take hold on the cell block. Of the 120 of us, about sixty or sixty-five listened to Emory every day. We each had started to gravitate toward a different animal, all of them living in this place where Emory grew up in Montana.

Testimony as to his demeanor is scarce. ” Catesby was also severely nearsighted. Thomas Pynchon’s novel, Mason & Dixon, deals head-on with the haunting levels of loneliness born of long years in the early American wilderness. One of the powerful aspects of this inimitable work, is that Pynchon engenders an empathetic loneliness of uncanny dimensions in readers—in me, at least. L. ” I think that DM might agree that Jaime deAngulo would be one of those. Rogue ethnographer/linguist/poet, deAngulo lived in Northern California in the first half of the twentieth century.

We had started something and we had to finish it, he said. By the night of the full moon, June 20th, he wrote, each one of us had to choose some kind of bird—a sparrow, a thrush, a crow, a warbler—and on that night, wherever he was, Emory was going to pray each of us into those birds. We were going to become those birds. And they were going to fly away. There were some who accepted right away that this was going to happen and others who were afraid. I would like to say that I was skeptical, but I was one of those who was afraid, a person for whom fear was the emotion on which everything else turned.

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