CIW server administrator: study guide by James Stanger

By James Stanger

--Become a qualified net webmaster, one of many most popular new certifications round. --Based upon respectable CIW courseware, this Sybex learn consultant is your key to passing the CIW Sever Admministrator examination, 1D0-450. --The better half CD comprises pre-as

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Enhanced integrated drive electronics (EIDE) is an extension of the original IDE standard that allows faster throughput. Although most of today’s computers use EIDE, SCSI is often preferable in high-performance networks. Small Computer System Interface Widely used by every system from mainframes to PCs, Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) is a parallel interface that allows two devices, such as a hard drive and a scanner, to communicate with the local system simultaneously. com 28 Chapter 2 Internet System Installation and Configuration Issues SCSI computer socket connects SCSI devices such as high-resolution scanners.

Mike is part of a large server administration team at Global Intercon- nect. He is responsible for backbone services. Which of the following statements are true about Mike’s duties? Choose all that apply. A. His job is secure. B. The services he supports operate in the background. C. Mike supports naming and directory services. D. Mike supports routing. 9. com. His boss wants a reasonably priced e-mail server that will not only send mail but allow users to receive mail and manipulate that e-mail on the server.

Finally, customer orders would be confirmed using a Microsoft Exchange e-mail server. 3. B. The file backup service provides a disaster recovery method in the event of server disk drive failure. 4. B, C, D. For name resolution, NT 4 typically uses WINS and DNS. On the other hand, Windows 2000 typically uses Dynamic DNS and can use standard DNS and/or WINS. Finally, Linux and Unix typically use DNS or Dynamic DNS to resolve host names. 5. E. Heather should implement a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server to automatically hand out IP addresses and IP configuration information.

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