Circumplex Models of Personality and Emotions by Robert Plutchik

By Robert Plutchik

Textual content on a mental version that makes a speciality of deciding on how features and feelings are structurally comparable. Discusses the version and its functions in either examine and medical settings. For clinicians.

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In other words, so-called basic dimensions such as dominance-submission, hostility-love, control-autonomy, and extraverted-introverted may be thought of simply as different aspects of the generalized circumplex of interpersonal behaviors. Because in a circle n o one axis is any more fundamental than any other, so-called “basic dimensions” are entirely arbitrary. A year later, Schaefer and I (Schaefer & Plutchik, 1966) asked clinicians to judge the extent to which a patient who was given a diagnostic label such as paranoid, depressed, manic, and so on, would show each of a number of traits and emotions.

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