Ciba Foundation Symposium - Methodology of the Study of

Chapter 1 Chairman's starting feedback (page 1): Charles H. Best
Chapter 2 The organic process within the Comparative research of growing old (pages 2–19): A. Comfort
Chapter three The Comparative Biology of ageing: A Physiological strategy (pages 20–88): Francois Bourliere
Chapter four The research of the getting older of Cells (pages 39–50): J. F. Danielli
Chapter five Examples of Reactions to plain Stimuli at assorted a while (pages 51–59): okay. J. Franklin
Chapter 6 reviews on edition as a mode of Gerontological examine (pages 60–72): F. Verzar
Chapter 7 tools and boundaries in reviews of Human Organ process functionality (pages 73–91): Milton Landowne
Chapter eight Comparative Values of experiences of the total Organism and of entire Tissue; Clinicopathological checks of ageing (pages 92–103): R. E. Tunbridge
Chapter nine food, Liver ailment and a few facets of ageing in Africans (pages 104–114): T. Gillman
Chapter 10 using Inbred lines of Animals in Experimental Gerontology (pages 115–130): O. Muhlbock
Chapter eleven dual information at the Genetics of getting older (pages 131–148): Franz J. Kallmann
Chapter 12 Methodological difficulties within the examine of adjustments in Human functionality with Age (pages 149–169): A. T. Welford
Chapter thirteen technique of the research of Intelligence and Emotion in growing older (pages 170–187): Irving Lorge
Chapter 13a basic dialogue (pages 188–196):

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Danielli: Yes, that could be done by isotopic labelling and would be an interesting experiment. Lanabwne: To what extent could the cell that did not divide be considered to be old because of the variable percentage of replaceable DISCUSSION 47 material? Are you not just shifting the focus of observation from a multi-individual or a multicellular community to the multimolecular community of the single cell, and does this really escape any of the problems? Danielli: This was one of the problems I was hoping not to have to deal with extensively!

By hormones such as adrenaline and testosterone; (4) ability t o resist abnormal conditions, such as anoxia, extremes of temperature, malnutrition, bacterial toxins and toxic drugs. At King's College we have recently begun such an investigation using Amoeba proteus. Studying point (l),Miss A. J. F. DANIELLI 42 Muggleton has found that if cells are kept for some months under maintenance conditions, without growth, they show marked differences from cells which are allowed to proliferate. Cells which proliferate normally follow the pattern shown in ,o-0’ / ’ 0 0 ‘0 0 -0 \ /o 1 0 ro dies O\O-Odies .

PEARSON, PEARSON, 0. P. (1950). Condor, 52, 145. PEARSON, 0. P. (1954). Condor, 56, 317. RAHM,M. P. G. (1923). 2. allg. , 20, 1. S. (1932). Fishery Board for Scotland, Scientific Investigations, I. ROGERS, J. B. J. , 6,18. ROMANOFF, A. , and ROBUNOFF, A. J. (1949). The Avian Egg. New York : Wiley. RUBNEB,M. (1908). DIMProblem der Lebensdauer und seine Beziehung zu Wachstum und Ernghrung. Munich: Oldenburg. (1980). J. imp. Fish. , 25,07. , and TANAXA, DISCUSSION Parka: Dr. Comfort’spaper brings up the old problem of why in some species one sex lives longer than the other.

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