Ciba Foundation Symposium - Endocrinology of the Testis

Chapter 1 Chairmen's starting feedback (pages 1–2): R. I. Doreman
Chapter 2 the connection among the constitution of the Testis and Differentiation of the exterior Genitalia and Phenotype in guy (pages 3–30): J.E. Jirasek
Chapter three Histochemistry and effective constitution of the Interstitial Tissue within the Human Foetal Testis (pages 31–55): Mikkon Niemi, M. Ikonen and A. Hervonen
Chapter four Microscopy, Cytochemistry and Steroid Biosynthetic job of Leydig Cells in tradition (pages 56–90): E. Steinbergear, A. Steinberger, O. Vilar, I.I. Salamon and B.N. Sud
Chapter five Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis in Rat, Rabbit, and Capuchine Testis (pages 91–104): R.I. Dorfman, K.M.J. Menon, D.C. Sharma, S. Joshi and E. Forchielli
Chapter 6 impression of Age on Testicular Enzymes regarding Steroid Bioconversion (pages 105–119): Hiroshi Inano, Yuji Hori and Bun?Ichi Tamaoki
Chapter 7 components Influencing the Secretion of Testosterone within the Anaesthetized puppy (pages 120–139): Kristen B. Eik?Nes
Chapter eight Testicular functionality in guy (pages 140–155): Bryan Hudson, John P. Coghlan and Ausma Dulmanis
Chapter nine The function of the Testis in Oestrogen creation (pages 156–172): L.M. Fishman, G.A. Sarfaty, H. Wilson and M.B. Lipsett
Chapter 10 results of Hormones on Spermatogenesis within the Rat (pages 173–196): Yves Clermont and S. Carl Harvey
Chapter eleven The influence of Hormones at the cost of Degeneration of an Ischaemic Testis (pages 197–210): R.G. Harrison
Chapter 12 Direct and oblique results of Oestrogens at the Enzymes of the Testis (pages 211–232): Leo T. Samuels, Toru Uchikawa and Robbert A. Huseby
Chapter thirteen Appraisal of Endocrine Testicular job through Chemical research of Semen and Male accent Secretions (pages 233–248): T. Mann
Chapter 14 A Comparative in vitro research of the consequences of the Testicular Hormone of Chick and Mouse Embryos at the Gonaducts (pages 249–254): J.?P. Weniger
Chapter 15 combined Testicular Dysgenesis (pages 255–279): Felipe A. de l. a. Balze, Silvia Laura Neborak and Ricardo Moreno Azorero
Chapter sixteen Steroid Biosynthesis in irregular Testes (pages 280–311): J.K. provide, okay. Griffiths and C.G. Pierrepoint

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