Building Vocabulary Skills and Strategies Level 6 by Lorna Peck

By Lorna Peck

Building Vocabulary talents & techniques sequence. Heres an excellent vocabulary application that's both acceptable for more youthful scholars operating at grade point and older scholars who've forgotten or by no means mastered the fundamentals. The pleasant glance and tone of this sequence belies the great sweep of the academic series. each topicfrom basic point phonics to the really expert terminology of essay testsis built from the floor up. comprises solution key, 144-pages

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6. Many people believe in astrological ___________________. s 7. “We hold these ___________________ s to be self-evident. . ” 8. The ____________________ es and strains of everyday life can be very difficult. 9. Did you know that there are 300 ____________________ es in Greensboro? 10. We used to write short ___________________; s now we write term papers! B. Write original sentences using three plural nouns from the sentences. 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2.

I. refresh j. indivisible k. credit l. cavalry 13. _____ It sounds like you’ve just solved the solution. 14. _____ You learn to pronunciate a word by hearing it. 15. _____ Those injured athletes are disgusting their various ailments. 16. _____ Voting was to be done by secret ballad. m. pronounce n. servants o. eye p. algae 17. _____ Arthur has got one of those sight-seeing dogs. 18. _____ I’ve heard that all is fear in love and war. 19. _____ Much of the government’s work is done by civil serpents.

For example, if you say cinnamon when you mean synonym, it can be pretty funny. There’s a special word for such mispronunciations or mistakes: malapropisms. A. Circle the boldface word that correctly completes each sentence. 1. The windshield of a clean car is ( transparent / translucent ). 2. When she broke her arm, Jeanette went to see a ( physician / physicist ). 3. Are you ( inferring / implying ) that I should go home early? 4. The Arctic explorers packed plenty of ( pelican / pemmican ) to eat.

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