Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art by Gwen Allen

By Gwen Allen

"This learn of numerous artists' magazines from the sixties to the eighties, founded in general at the downtown long island paintings scene, usefully augments extra regular methods of in regards to the occasions of that point. every one of these magazines have been basically nurseries for brand spanking new skills that had no domestic in present organs, and hence took the initiative to make their paintings public all alone phrases. Artists' Magazines is especially necessary for the inclusion of extracts from interviews with editors and protagonists, who thereby wear list new details with the point of view of hindsight. Underlying the profiling of sure titles is an interwoven narrative that considers the capabilities and features of the style and its overseas value in the course of that period." Clive Phillpot , author, curator, and previous paintings librarian

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6 If one had wandered into Rietman's bookstore in the 1970s, one would have seen, in addition to October, an array of other independently published magazines, including several of the artists' magazines that will be discussed 28 THIS IS NOT TO BE LOOKED AT in subsequent chapters. These publications attest to the fact that the revolutionary changes in artistic discourse in the 196os and 1970S were generated not only by critics and art historians, but by artists themselves. A MUSEUM OF LANGUAGE: ARTISTS' WRITINGS AND INTERVENTIONS As critics were debating the meaning of art and criticism in the pages ofArforum in the 19605, artists had begun to take part in the discussion, too.

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