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A b b a a 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. b a b a c Check Your Understanding: Short Answer 1. The coupon men are out of prison, Miep has returned, and Elli is better. 2. Anne would adore Peter to be her superior in just about everything. 3. People are lining up for vegetables, doctors cannot visit the sick, burglaries and thefts happen constantly, morale is poor, and the weekly rations are not enough. 4. They only eat one kind of vegetable or one kind of dish for long periods. 5. Writing, family trees, history, mythology, film stars, family photos, and the history of art pass Anne’s time.

Margot and Mr. Van Daan both wish for a long hot bath, Mrs. Van Daan wants cream cakes, Dussel wants to see his wife, Mummy wants her cup of coffee, Daddy wants to visit Mr. Vossen, Peter wants to go to the cinema, and Anne wants to go to school. Deepen Your Understanding Answers will vary. III. Wednesday, 4 August, 1943– Friday, 28 January, 1944 41 6. Studying takes Anne’s mind off of what is going on, it occupies time, and it will keep her with children her age when she can return to school. 7.

Anne’s parents grew up in _______ . a. poor households b. middle-class households c. wealthy households 11. What kind of happiness is most important to Anne? a. happiness of those around her b. happiness within her heart c. happiness of freedom 17. In general, how do people in the “Secret Annexe” feel? a. They wish they were dead so that they would not be in misery every day. b. They should stop bothering Mr. Kraler, Mr. Koophuis, and Elli so much. c. They still love life even though the conditions are so terrible.

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