Air plant care and design: tips and creative ideas for the by Ryan Lesseig, Meriel Lesseig

By Ryan Lesseig, Meriel Lesseig

Air vegetation, often referred to as tillandsias, are many of the simplest vegetation to develop, which is helping clarify why they're doping up in shops around the nation and showing in magazines, on blogs, and in all places Pinterest. the superb factor approximately air crops is they use their roots to anchor themselves to an item, which permits them to develop in a number of destinations clearly. this pliability of progress makes air vegetation excellent for adornment of domestic and office.
While air vegetation are recognized for being effortless to develop, they nonetheless do want recognition to outlive and dwell a fit lifestyles. If treated, tillandsias will reside for numerous years and may even supply “pups" for added years of delight! Authors Meriel and Ryan Lesseig are air plant fans who grew to become their ardour into revenue with Air Plant layout Studio, an e-commerce website that sells all issues air vegetation. right here they proportion suggestions for correctly taking care of air crops in addition to idea and guide for a myriad...

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If your Tillandsia leaves seem to appear covered in a waxy white powder that resembles little tufts of cotton, that is a pretty sure sign of a mealy bug infestation. To rid your plants of mealy bugs, you should first and foremost quarantine the plant from any other plants, and then use a natural dish soap on the plant. The soap can be dabbed on the leaves with cotton swabs, or diluted with water and sprayed on the plant. The dish soap works by creating a barrier on the plant that will smother the pests.

It just depends what you wish to do with the plant—sometimes those roots can be useful for displaying your air plant if you want to use them to help anchor the plant (for example, on a wreath or frame). The root system will grow back over time. Common Tillandsia Health Issues Pests and Ailments Most Tillandsia are very resilient to pests, but there are several types of pests that can affect your Tillandsia. Luckily most of them are very easy to treat. Common pests that affect Tillandsia include scale, such as mealy bugs, and aphids.

The Tillandsia fuchsii, with its bulbous base and wispy leaves that extend in a symmetrical, spherical shape, is striking enough on its own without any other plants. Here it hangs in a simple glass globe on a semi-shaded patio, enjoying filtered sunlight and temperate Florida air. TILLANDSIA FUNCKIANA Appropriately named for its funky appearance, this Tillandsia twists and turns in all directions throughout its growth cycle. Grassy green in color with a small woody base and spiky leaves, it develops tiny pups that turn into larger clumps.

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