Advances in Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Vol. 2 by Derek LeRoith

By Derek LeRoith

Quantity 2 has considering elements of the pituitary gland either anterior (growth hormone and prolactin receptors, and GH motion) and posterior (vasopressin) pituitary. moreover, thyroid melanoma and steroidogenic enzymes and precocious puberty are coated. ultimately, the "hot issues" comprise leptin and development issue signaling.

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1994). Because the WSXWS extracellular motif is conserved in the class I cytokine receptor superfamily, this region has been postulated to play a role in both ligand binding and signal transduction. , 1994). Separate mutations at y222 and S =6 diminished ligand binding and abolished signal transduction, as measured both by stimulation of protein synthesis and by transcriptional activation of a transiently transfected c-fos promoter reporter gene. Mutations at G 223, E TM, and F 22s did not alter receptor function.

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