Advanced Surveillance by Peter Jenkins

By Peter Jenkins

This education guide covers all points of accomplishing a actual covert surveillance which will assemble intelligence and facts.

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The Follow phase The Follow is the term used when the target is on the move. He is considered 'mobile' if he is in a vehicre and ,foxtrot;li n" i, on toot. ,ug" you know 31 ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE where the target is and he should be under control at all times so the team can be deployed to the best advantage. During this phase we do not always follow like ducks in a line but surveillance is lmposed'upon the target and there is a vast difference, especially when on foot. The various techniques and methods used during the foilow are discussed in Chapters Six and Seven.

Losses occur for many reasons, for example, 17 ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE traffic congestion, busy roundabouts, traffic lights and lack of concentration. when this occurs the surveiirance team rl"i"oopt chapter seven). oniinJe the survei'ance. The type of target who expects to b; iorro*"d *irr"no unJouoielty attempt to rose the tair' Never ret over-enthusiasm in not wanting to rose the target resurt in 'showing out' and compromising the surveillance. lf you find yourserf foilowing a rost driver he may consider to be ,anti_suiveilance,.

Ln warm weather when windows are open, keep your radio vorume turned down, passers-by may hear transmissions. After a while you may feer that you have to move your position or bring in a replacement because you've been there too long. oo not position your replacement in the same spot, this will only confirm the'iocals' suspicions and will possibly compromise another vehicle. You may be part of a surveillance team and not even be the person that has ,eyes on'whilst waiting for the 'standby'. The position where you fart up and now you act.

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