Acupressure for Emotional Healing: A Self-Care Guide for by Beth Ann Henning, Michael Reed Gach

By Beth Ann Henning, Michael Reed Gach

Elevated pressure and annoying occasions in our lives have ended in many thousands of people that be afflicted by insomnia, nightmares, anxiousness assaults, melancholy, and pressure complications. ACUPRESSURE FOR EMOTIONAL therapeutic deals aid at your fingertips, speedy and adequately, for quite a lot of emotional difficulties. It explains how emotional misery turns into lodged within the physique as muscular rigidity and blocked power, and exhibits how acupressure can relieve not only the ensuing actual signs, but additionally their emotional source--often with no the necessity for broad speak treatment or medication.

Acupressure stimulates an identical issues utilized in acupuncture, yet rather than needles, company finger strain is used at the floor of the surface. The strain releases neurochemicals known as endorphins that relieve soreness. As in acupuncture, particular strain issues are hooked up with inner organs and effort pathways within the physique (called meridians) that keep an eye on the circulate of electric strength to all structures. in contrast to acupuncture, acupressure can be utilized thoroughly by means of someone, with in simple terms the palms as gear.

ACUPRESSURE FOR EMOTIONAL therapeutic deals a finished A-Z advisor to emotional illnesses (from abandonment to fret and obsessive thinking), with fully-illustrated guideline on dozens of distinctive acupressure element destinations and the way to turn on them, mixed with yogic respiring, stretching, and flow workouts. Case histories from the authors' perform additional remove darkness from every one and the trail to emotional stability and therapeutic. such a lot workouts can be utilized independently for self-care and on-the-spot reduction. There also are sections on easy methods to use the strategies to assist others, with applicable safeguards.

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