A Tally of Types by Stanley Morison

By Stanley Morison

The Tally of sorts used to be first circulated in a privately published variation in 1953, reaching a reputation and effect thoroughly disproportionate to the relatively small variety of copies in life. In 1973 Cambridge collage Press released a model edited and increased by means of Brooke Crutchley and others, making this vintage of typographical heritage and perform to be had to a much wider readership; it's this version now we have reprinted right here. Stanley Morison supplied the impetus and judgement in the back of the programme of typographical revival carried via through the Monotype company within the Twenties and early Nineteen Thirties. The Tally is an account, ancient, serious and sensible, of the categories minimize lower than Morison's path in this interval. it really is a powerful functionality: a very good instance of what's now regarded as Morison's attribute mix of erudition and perception. What all started as not more than an try to list the evidence constructed, lower than his hand, into one of many significant statements of typographical perform of its time.

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More complex curves may be defined using such operators as curveto (see the POSTSCRIPT Language Reference Manual). The arc operator adds a circular arc to the current path. It requires five arguments on the stack: the x and y coordinates of the arc’s center of curvature, the radius of curvature, and the arc’s beginning and ending angles measured counterclockwise from the positive x axis. 3 CURVES 53 100 150 36 45 90 arc 100 150 36 45 90 arc would produce an arc-shaped path on the current page with a center 100 units to the right and 150 units above the origin, a radius of 36 units, extending counterclockwise from 45 to 90 degrees (see illustration at left).

The current point is left at the end of the arc. Note that the arcto operator leaves the stack holding the numbers 50, 114, 86, and 150, which represent the beginning and endpoint of the arc. Since we do not need these values, we drop them from the stack with a repeated pop operator. 4 {pop} repeat Printing a Logo Let us use our curve-generating operators to print a logo for a movie named Omaha. This movie dwells on the loneliness of the Plains during the early nineteenth century and so its logo will be rather stark, consisting of a black background with the word “Omaha” rising from below and a gray circle, representing the full moon, behind.

Anything following a % on a POSTSCRIPT program line is ignored by the interpreter. This last program was quite repetitious; we performed a set of operations — drawing a filled box — three times. We shall see in the next chapter that the POSTSCRIPT language allows you to define a group of operations as a named procedure. This procedure can then be used exactly as though it were a POSTSCRIPT predefined operator. 1 POSTSCRIPT DICTIONARIES A dictionary is a table that associates pairs of objects. An English dictionary associates words with their definitions.

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