A PostScript Cookbook by Barry Thomas (auth.)

By Barry Thomas (auth.)

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Times is selected at the given point size. A space is measured for width - this is used when checking to see if a word will overstep the line length. The main routine then takes each character in the given text string, adding it first to the word, then, at each occurrence of a space, checking line lengths. The word is either added to the line or placed on a new line after the old line is padded and printed. At the end of the loop, the remaining part line is printed, followed by a blank line and the credit 26 A POSTSCRIPT COOKBOOK CIRCULAR TEXT This program demonstrates the positioning of text in other than the usual portrait or landscape orientations by using the rotate operator to rotate the coordinate system of user space.

998 dup scale } for grestore } def fadeframe showpage % % % % % % % % % % % new path for each box takes setting from stack move to bottom left of frame draw bottom edge right edge top edge and left with closepath stroke box onto page scale down for next one in and repeat restore gray level + origin % print page This program starts by saving the whole of the current graphics state. This means that when that state is restored later, the origin moves back to its previous position (the bottom left of the page), the gray level is reset to black and the scale of the final image (1: 1) is reset The origin is moved to the centre of the page to allow each successive box to be centred on the previous ones.

Some PosTSCRIPT devices have a non-printing margin around the edge of a page. This program should allow the whole frame to be seen on most laser printers. The examples above show the edge of the paper (outer line) and the frame drawn by the program (inner line). The example on the left is from the program as given here. In the example on the right, the line width setting has been set to 4 points by changing the figure in the first line of the plainframe procedure. % A4 Page Plain Frame /plainframe { 35 3.

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