A methodology of estimation on air pollution and its health by Keiko Hirota

By Keiko Hirota

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In large urban centres there are a multitude of fixed and mobile pollution sources. This urban community forms a heated and polluted island which is one of the biggest problems of the contemporary world. In an air quality analysis the ventilation rate of the entire region must be taken into account, because the dispersion can be influenced by both atmospheric mesoscale and macroscale movements. The atmospheric conditions as the anticyclones or thermal inversions slow the dispersion, resulting in high concentrations of pollutants.

The best way to compare data is to use some types of graphs to highlight the features that interest us. The results should be stated clearly, visibly and after careful and thorough analysis. It is preferable to highlight both the results and shortcomings after a practical study. The latter could become research topics for those who made that study but also for other researchers. 10. , 1997, Modelling Street Canyon Pollution: Model Requirements and Expectations, International Journal of Environment and Pollution 8 (3–6), 609–619.

Another approach for monitoring is the 'remote sensing'. This term indicates the use of instruments which can provide the average concentration of a pollutant in a certain area either by looking at the emissions as they exit at the stack output or by sampling an optical volume at a point within the plume and conducting a spatially integrated measurement across the diameter of the plume. Remote sensing can be performed also by means of a 'long-path sensor'; this term indicates any device which permits one to measure extended or diffuse sources, such as oil refineries and chemical complexes between two points.

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