A beekeeping guide by Harlan H D Attfield

By Harlan H D Attfield

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Heat the water until it boils. The beeswax will rise to the top of the Do not let the water boil over the top of the concontainer. tainer since the hot wax will burn. When the wax is completely melted, strain the mixture through a piece of jute sackcloth or screen wiring. This will remove any remaininq large particles. If the mixture is strained into a pail that is larger at the top than at the bottom, the wax cake can be removed easily after it cools and hardens. Pure wax will be on the top- Unwanted particles at the bottom of the cake can be removed by trimming and scraping.

Or fingernail After inspection of the colony is finished, all the hive parts should be carefully returned to their oroper places. Openinq the hive too often will upset the life of the colony and could cause them to abandon their home in search of a quieter place to live. When inspecting a hive, them from the hive. look carefully 31 for pests and remove Figure 21, The correct way to handle a frame HELPING A COLONY HAKE UORE HONEY There are many things that can be done to help bees make more Experience will make the beekeeper more aware of ways to honey.

If the bees cluster at the entrance on warm nights, it could mean they are feeling crowded and need more frames or supers, although this is normal in a busy hive. The natural order of the frames in the brood chamber should not or combs filled with be disturbed. Only poor, irregular combs, Combs of drones should be placed in should he removed. drones, the honey super or outside the frames containing brood. In this way these frames will not act as barriers to the queen as she moves from one frame to another.

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